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Counterpoint focuses exclusively on the high school to college transition. Our quality control is not scattered among AP courses, high school courses, Business and Career courses, GED, MCAT, LSAT, GRE, and a myriad of other courses. Our quality is pinpointed solely on college entrance exams, the college application, and the college essay.

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Question of the day


Developed by experts, ACT Question of the Day (ACT QOTD) is the perfect solution for anyone preparing for the ACT exam. We deliver questions to your inbox daily, in all 4 subjects of the ACT exam.

ACT QOTD uses a practice tool development Q & A model, providing detailed, strategic answer analysis as a part of each ACT Question of the Day.

The ACT QOTD is a good overview of the types of questions you’ll see on the actual test and is a great reinforcer of your intensive ACT preparation. We can’t over emphasize that the best preparation is practice, practice, practice. Think of the Question of the Day as effective practice in answering the questions on the test. Through a daily test question, you’ll apply the strategies you’re learning during your ongoing preparation.

Because you’re exposed daily to an ACT question, along with a detailed, clear explanation of correct and incorrect answers, you’ll gradually start to think more like an ACT test question writer. You’ll learn to identify and even anticipate the tricks that can lead you to the wrong answer. You’ll learn to recognize the clues that lead you to the right answer.

ACT QOTD can function as your go-to resource regardless of where you are in your test preparation. If you haven’t started your test preparation yet, the Question of the Day is an excellent introduction to the types of questions you’ll encounter and give you a thorough explanation of how to choose the right answer. If you’re in an ongoing prep program, Question of the Day allows you to practice daily what you’re learning. If you’re near the end of your preparation, your answers to the Question of the Day can help you gauge how prepared you really are.

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Counterpoint Blog!

If you’re looking to move forward in your college prep test studies, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the Counterpoint Blog!

We understand that preparing for the and ACT and /or SAT exams are a source of incredible stress and frustration. You’re putting your entire future on the line based on the results of these tests, and you need every tip, trick, and resource possible. Counterpoint’s Blogs are designed to take your exam preparation to the next level.


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Vocabulary Practice

Although vocabulary doesn’t have its own section on the ACT, the reading and science sections will be handled more confidently, not to mention correctly, by students who have a great vocabulary. The best college students also have the best vocabulary. Yes. It’s work. Yes. It’s worth it!

This section has 25 vocabulary words in each list. The better your vocabulary, the better reader, the better writer, the better test taker you will be. I know time is always a factor, but think of the gains if you put some time into improving your vocabulary!

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